Preston, Georgia
In Memory
Deputy 903K

This page is a memorial to Deputy 903K, (Reefer) a drug dog that was part of the Webster County Sheriff's office for nearly 13 years. During Reefer's time with the Sheriff's office he helped in confiscating thousands of dollars of drugs and other paraphernalia. He was also used to promote drug awareness in the county schools and other organizations. Sheriff Randy Dely, then a Sheriff's Deputy, was Reefer's handler the entire time he was on the force.

Reefer became a member of the Webster County Sheriff's law enforcement in November of 1996 and died May 26, 2009.



Below are a couple of articles highlighting Reefer while he was on the force.

Reefer sniffs his way to first bust for Webster Co. Reefer - Webster Co. Sheriff office team player


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